Morning Independent Blog Link Dump of Doom

Independent blogs are still an important part of the Interwebs. That’s not to say larger network operations aren’t, but the Indy scene is much like the underground music scene. It can function and operate in ways large companies can’t. Basically, there’s no answering to a dude in a suit who isn’t in the creative business.

Honestly, non-creative people (Silicon Valley wannabes) running creative endeavors is the worst.

There’s more, too. Indy blogs often provide unique voices in areas larger networks can’t. It is simply the nature of the best.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it, but let’s not worry about the semantics. That’s another column for another time. As for today, though, let’s look at what some Indy blogs (and Indy-ish) are up to.

Bro Jackson Bro Jackson

Bro Jackson is one of the best kept secrets on these here Interwebs. Personally speaking, I think it is one of the better, more original sites around. Here’s some of its most recent work:

@chunktronic provides his weekly Better Call Saul review. It is out now. His unique look on the show results in an even more unique take. Plus, he keeps count of Slippin’ Jimmy’s switches from lawyer to conman!

Max Napier discusses the realism Judd Apatow uses in his latest outing, Love.

AAC Fever logo_small2

Tyler Waddell recently relaunched this conference specific site. It is probably the best AAC site available for our eyes to consume. That’s not even hyperbole.

Speaking of Tyler, he recently talked to Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo. It is well worth your time. Especially if you ❤ the option. And, I mean, who doesn’t want to snuggle with the option next to a warm fire?

Brian Harper took a look at some interesting questions for ECU. He has some answers, too.


CFBHuddle is the baby of Kyle Kensing. For those unaware, Kyle is probably one of the best features writer on the entire planet and a firm believer in Marty Jannetty. That alone is good enough for us. The site is a great mix of insight, entertainment, and engaging reads.

Already taking a look ahead to the 2016-17 college football season, Kyle tell the world who we should all be keeping an eye on.

Jim Harbaugh vs Bret Bielema at Wrestlemania? Take all my clicks.

Kyle Kensing Bonus! He wrote an amazing feature on Stephen F. Austin for Today’s U. The latter being a fine, fine college sports site.

The Student Section The Student Section

Disclosure: I previously wrote for this fine site, but that’s not why it is on this link dump of doom. It is because they provide some of the best college sports content on the Internet. Led by one of the best humans and writers on the planet, Matt Zemek, TSS should be a destination spot for readers.

Matt starts us off with a look at 10 rather underappreciated basketball coaches. Go for the great writing. Stay for the Ben Howland love!

Also from Matt, a look at coaches who aren’t getting a ton of pub, but are performing at main event levels.


What… did you think we weren’t going to plug our own stuff? Moo hahahahaha and hahahaha and… Well, you get the drift. To know more about us, simply go click on our About and Staff pages. Pretty much sums it up.

Here is our conference tournament survival guide. In it, we endorse cannibalism.

What if The Walking Dead Never Ended?



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